Jocelyn Wallace loves to help you sketch out your vision and figure out how to make it happen. Business leaders and non-profit boards seek her out to help them overcome the hurdles of strategic planning and the challenges of running their operations.

Known and loved for her visual facilitation style, she has a gift for pulling ideas from you and translating them visually onto large paper, whiteboards or even your conference room windows!

Jocelyn has spent nearly 20 years facilitating teams in their strategic planning and project efforts, primarily within large corporate settings. In 2009 she founded Red Eleven Group, LLC, a strategic planning and visual facilitation firm, and has since been an international speaker on the topic of visual strategy.

Her second visual business book, Book Yourself Solid Illustrated, is now available to order online and will be in Barnes & Noble stores by April 15, 2013. It’s a marketing strategy book that helps small business owners implement a system that helps generate more ideal clients. New York Times Best Selling Author, Michael Port wrote the first and second editions of the book and partnered with Wallace to create this illustrated version. 470 pages, with over 600 illustrations and visual worksheet exercises. It’s so packed with pictures, you can read it in less than three hours. Published by Wiley & Sons. Click here to buy your copy.

Jocelyn works with clients all over the U.S. facilitating teams through her visual strategy programs. She enjoys living in Iowa with her husband, Andy, and her two children, Adam and Lauren.