Jocelyn Wallace is a certified business coach, and she works with individuals who want to make dreams and goals happen. But here’s the kicker – she creates VISUAL homework  and uses other visual strategies to help you think – and plan – and do more.

She calls you EVA: Entrepreneur – Visionary – Ambitious.

You’re ready for some big changes, EVA. You are an amazing person, but you aren’t fully aware of it — yet. You inspire others in a way that can only be done by you, because of your ability to rise above what life throws at you. You are a champion at dusting off the old and reinventing the new.

EVA,  your mind is flooded with ideas and possibilities, but a bit overwhelmed with where to start. You want to get clear on where you are going and create some plans to get there, knowing full-well that going it alone won’t get you far. Although you know you’re a little stuck, you’re ready to roll up your sleeves.

VIZ YOUR GOALS coaching is usually done in one-hour sessions over the phone for a package 10 sessions. You receive visual homework assignments, a personality profile to personalize and guide your growth, and many other package perks.

There are three customizable tracks, depending on what you want to achieve:

  1. Start a new business or improve a current one. This borrows from my VIZ YOUR BIZ modules and gives you some business and time management focus areas from which to choose. You set the objectives and the priorities, we set the plan, and I raise questions to help you navigate the adventurous waters of entrepreneurial business ownership.
  2. As part of your company’s budget to invest in your development, we tailor your coaching program to your performance goals and competencies. I have prior experience as an HR professional, so I provide insight and ideas for boosting your performance and contribution to your organization. One-on-one development with an external coach is something I wish I had inquired about when I was in my previous corporate roles. It’s a great way for your company to invest in you and reward you for being a top performer.
  3. Go after a personal goal or dream, while also balancing a healthy lifestyle… and your sanity! I’ve been there. I worked a full-time job, earned a second college degree, and started a new business — all as a wife with small children. Having experienced the spectrum from sane to questionably sane, I’ve created strategies to help you deal with the challenges and fears you face about juggling it all, and turn chaos into calm while you go after what you were meant to do.

Visual homework is just one of the tools we use to help you breakthrough and achieve more. To give it a try, download this complimentary visual homework exercise. If you found it helpful or know of someone who would, ask me about the introductory coaching package. Experience three, one-hour sessions over the phone and discover if coaching, along with the use of visual strategies, is a good fit for you.

To inquire further about VIZ YOUR GOALS COACHING: