When Jocelyn Wallace works as a consultant with business owners and management teams, she helps them solve problems using VISUAL strategies.

Often this means collaborating to redefine WHO they are and WHAT they do in the marketplace. This helps them communicate their vision and value more clearly…both internally and externally.

“CAL” is the name she gives you: Consultant-Analytic-Leader.

She thinks about what you do best, what challenges you, and your greatest obstacles in getting from A to B. And she thrives on being an extension of your team to help you get there.

CAL, you lead PLANS and you lead PEOPLE. The plans require an ability to think strategically and analytically. You’ve been focused on process and efficiency… but in the “new normal,” the old tactics won’t work anymore.

You are ready for a new vision, CAL — a way to organize the chaos, and eventually lead people into creating a new future. That’s going to require creativity, collaboration, and contributions from you and from others.

But when you are able to use VISUALS as your anchor for getting everyone in sync, ideas turn into action and action to results.

An easy way to get started is to ask for an introductory VIZ YOUR BIZ (TM) report. This is a high-level visual assessment of your organization, your people resources, or your sales and marketing channels. To keep initial costs low, select modules “buffet-style” from the VIZ YOUR BIZ program, which includes 15 modules and continues to grow.

Additionally, when consulting with organizations Jocelyn applies visual facilitation strategies for the following types of leadership team efforts, to name a few:

  • Strategic Visioning & Brainstorming Sessions
  • Reorganization of Departments & Change Management
  • Quarterly Management Team Retreats
  • Sales & Marketing Product or Communication Roll-Outs
  • Employee Engagement Initiatives
  • Team Building Using Personality Profiles
  • All-Employee or Department Meeting Communication Strategies

To inquire further about VIZ YOUR BIZ CONSULTING, call toll free 855-887-1885 or email to set up a meeting.