Succeed Faster July 2011



Best described as part rock concert, part hypnosis intensive, power networking on steroids, and the most complete list of success tools and how-to’s EVER compiled — the Succeed Faster Career Acceleration Event, organized by Adam Carroll and Tim Augustine, is going to be incredible!

I’m excited to part of the speaker line-up, teaching young professionals how to be a NINJA NETWORKER with extra doses of creativity. Got your throwing stars ready?

When I’m not speaking, I will be visually recording the content presented by other speakers and then uploading it here at I hope you will join me in sharing these visuals to social media networks!

And follow the Twitter stream #succeedfaster to catch other tweets by participants and speakers.

To learn more about being a “Visual Tweeter,” click here.

“Making our work feel a whole lot more fun!” — Adam Carroll

SPEAKER VISUALS! See a visual you like? Share it to your networks! Click on an image below to share it.